1. Seller's Ads Program
   1) Purpose : Make seller promote his product more efficiently and easily
   2) Ads Programs : Main Banner Ads, Featured Products Ads.
   3) How it works : Discounted Products are always shown in the front page and seller can get the most steady traffic for items
   4) How long : Ads program is running based on 7days.
   5) How apply : Seller can apply in his account page.

2. Seller's Keyword Research Help
   1) Purpose : Sellers make his products shown in the result page of customers' keywords search more efficiently and easily
   2) Keywords Suggestion : Our team develop as many as keywords according to seller's product category.
   3) How it works : When seller ask keywords development for their products, Our team research and suggest related keywords
   4) How many : we provide up to 600 keywords according to seller's plan

3. Deal Management System
   1) Purpose : Sellers can control their Deal approval from shopper's Deal Request
   2) Deal Management System : Sellers can list their Deals very easily.
   3) How it works : When Shoppers apply to deals, Seller approve their request deals.